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Cambridgeshire bird news September 2015

Cambridgeshire bird news August 2015

Pied Flycatcher (library photograph)                                     Photo

A Purple Heron flew west Grafham Water 28th. Other highlights from Grafham Water were a Shag, a couple of Black Terns, two Skua species 1st, a Common Scoter 7th, Scaup 8th, a Little Gull plus five Sandwich Terns 26th and eight were there 29th. Nearby at Paxton Pits there was a Little Stint 9th-11th.


A Grey Phalarope was at Burwell Fen 17th-18th. The number of Wood Sandpipers at Burwell Fen fell from seven down to one by the end of the month. Two Garganey were still there at the start of the month.


A Yellow-browed Warbler was at Diddington 26th. There were several Pied Flycatchers with birds at Peterborough (2), Cambridge, Caxton, Paxton Pits, Roswell Pits and Holme Fen. A Redstart was at Ferry Meadows CP.


Highlights at Fen Drayton Lakes RSPB were up to two Spotted Redshank 6th-9th, Short-eared Owl 6th and a Gannet over 27th.

An Icterine Warbler was singing in a garden at Cherry Hinton 30th and Wrynecks were at King’s Dyke NR 28th and Pymoor 30th.


What was to become an influx of Pied Flycatchers began with one at Fen Drayton Lakes RSPB 25th-26th, followed by another at Peterborough from 27th, Eaton Ford 29th and then Burwell Fen 30th. More were to be found in September. A Redstart was at Ferry Meadows CP from 25th.


There has been a usually large influx of Wood Sandpipers to the UK. Several were seen in Cambridgeshire but Burwell Fen was the place in the county with up to sixteen Wood Sandpipers, as well as a Little Stint and up to two Spotted Redshank and up to ten Garganey.


Grafham Water had a maximum count of twenty-two Black Terns, up to six Arctic Terns, up to five Sandwich Terns 23rd-30th and also there were two Shags from 28th. Single Black-necked Grebes were at Paxton Pits 1st, Ferry Meadows CP 2nd and south of Streatham 8th-12th. A Kittiwake was at Fen Drayton Lakes RSPB 14th and two Spoonbill were there 30th-31st.

Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca juvenile 3 Alga