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Cambridgeshire bird news May 2015

Cambridgeshire bird news June 2015

Temminck's Stint (library photograph)                                  Photo

Paxton Pits had a fairly lively spring with a summer plumaged White-winged Black Tern 26th, a Golden Oriole 9th, a Great Northern Diver until 14th, a Little Tern 5th and Black Tern 12th. Nearby at Grafham Water there was the remarkably sight of a Pomarine Skua and up to four Arctic Skuas 6th. Also there was presumably the Paxton Great Northern Diver 19th-26th, eight Red-breasted Mergansers briefly 22nd and up to thirteen Sanderling 30-31st.


A Red-rumped Swallow actually lingered at Ferry Meadows CP 10th-11th. A Honey-Buzzard flew over Cambridge 31st.


The Green-winged Teal was last seen on the Ouse Washes 8th and a Spotted Crake was heard singing there 3rd. There were two Temminck’s Stint Cam Washes 31st and there were two waders thought to be of this species 13th. Two Wood Sandpipers were at Berry Fen 9th and another was at Fen Drayton Lakes RSPB 1st.


Highlights were two Temminck’s Stint at the Cam Washes 1st, a Red-footed Falcon that shot past the RSPB offices at Fowlmere 5th, a Golden Oriole at Grafham 9th and a Red-necked Phalarope at the Ouse Washes 11th-12th.


There were five Black Terns at Paxton Pits 15th and one at Fen Drayton Lakes RSPB 1st. There was a Little Gull at Grafham Water 23rd and a Spotted Redshank at the Nene Washes 22nd.


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075 Temminck's Stint (Calidris temminckii) Lesvos Greece May 2010 cp crs 130dpi